CS 367: Introduction to Data Structures
PIAZZA - Lecture 1, Spring 2018

  • Before posting to Piazza, make sure that your question has not already been asked and answered.

  • Do not post solutions for assignments on Piazza, but it is okay to post the code that has been made available to all students.

General Information:

To help manage questions about the course and assignments, we'll be using Piazza, which is a FREE tool provided to students. Piazza will help ensure consistent and correct answers as well as minimize duplication of effort from repeating answers to the same questions.

CS 367 students can post questions either publicly or anonymously. Students can also answer questions. Instructors may post notes as well as answer questions and endorse student's answers.

CS 367 students will need to register for Piazza or, if you've already registered, add CS 367 to your Piazza class list.

Getting Started

Piazza is an online tool for course management. We'll be using it for asking and answering questions. Piazza is available to you anywhere you have access to the internet. It is delivered and supported by a company called Piazza. Their home page is: http://piazza.com


  1. Go to: https:piazza.com/wisc/spring2018/cs3671
  2. Click "Register for Piazza"
  3. Continue filling out the forms being careful to enter your Wiscmail email address, first name, and last name.

Logging In to Piazza

Once you're logged in, you can stay logged in on that computer. You will need to relogin if you check Piazza from another computer.

  1. Go to: https:piazza.com/wisc/spring2018/cs3671/home
  2. Click Click "Login to Piazza"
    Note: Your username is the email address you gave during signup and your password is what you entered during registration.
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