How to Get to the Philadelphia Mariott

This is personal experience this week. How does one get from airport to Phila Mariott?

Problem: Phila airport has rotten shuttle service. No dountown bus in the traditional sense, and there are about 8 shuttle services at $8 but the desk staff will not help you choose which. I went for name brand (SuperShuttle) and was told to wait 20 minutes before they picked me up. the ride itself is 20 minutes more.

Answer: take the train. It leaves airport at x:10 and x:40 and takes about same time. Go down the first stairs from the overpass----before you get to those to busses and cabs. Clean bright train. Sit on right side of train from airport for the (?) view.

Get off at Market East Station. That is the 4th stop from airport and 3rd stop downtown. Tracks run E-W through downtown. Bright airy station. Should be fine before 7pm. Probably afterwards too.

Walk the platfrom back (west) whence the train came, and continue up and west until you exit the station (which must be four blocks long). If you do this right, you will be 50 feet from the Marriott across the street.

This is really easy to do, and far more comfortable than a van. Fare is $5. Buy ticket on train leaving airport.

Return times are x:25 and x:55, but buy ticket in the station. Route R1.