Nautilus vs. Gnome-Panel

Total Number of Reports by Month


Looking at the chart to the right, notice that between July 2005 and June 2006, Nautilus and Gnome-Panel sent about the same number of reports. We can therefore assume that both applications had the same usage pattern. After June 2006, however, the number of Nautilus reports jumped dramatically. This coincided with the release of Fedora-5. Our first hypothesis as to the cause of this phenomenon was that the Fedora-5 build of Nautilus was very crash-prone, meaning that Nautilus would crash, send a report, start up again, crash, send a report, and so on, so that it would end up sending lots of reports.

Number of Crashes by Month


Though it is plain from the graph on the left that Nautilus crashed much more than Gnome-Panel in the time after June 2006, the additional number of crashes was no greater than 200 per month. As seen in the Total Feedback Reports graph, the additional number of reports was about 1500 per month. Therefore, the crashiness of Nautilus in Fedora-5 is not to blame for the increased number of reports.

Next, we came up with a new hypothesis: Beginning with Fedora-5, applications started automatically generating “short-lived” Nautilus runs - perhaps whenever an application needed a Nautilus shell, it opened a new one, used it, and closed it right away, as opposed to using an existing shell.

Total Number of Reports by Month (ignoring Fedora-5)


However, the graph to the right shows that if we ignore Fedora-5, Nautilus and Gnome-Panel still have the same usage pattern. Looking back into the build logs, we discovered that no instrumented Gnome-Panel build was made for Fedora-5. Thus, Fedora-5 users are sending about 1500 feedback reports per month for Nautilus, but none for Gnome-Panel. Mystery solved!

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