Intelligent Scissors

by Anoop Gupta

Composition #1. The Vision Power
1. Originals: The Pyre and Prof. Dyer
2. Used my Intelligent Scissors for masking the Pyre man.
3. Enlarged the Pyre man by layering the masked picture obtained from 2.
4. Used my Intelligent Scissors to mask Profs. face. Note that brush was used to roughly mark the face boundary so that it was easier to control the contour. (eg. I could easily leave out the ears.)
5. Used my Intelligent Scissors program again to mask hair.
6. Sized the face and hair to fit into the enlarged Pyre man.
7. The skin color seemed to be much out-of-place in the otherwise green picture, so I decided to use Neon Glow in the Photoshop to give the final touches to the face and the hair. Also, this picture no longer belongs to the digitalblasphemy so I first got rid of those (not-so) fine print by cloning a nearby area of almost the same size and then added a new layer of "The Vision Power".

Composition #2. Bucky Bond

1. Originals: James Bond Island (Thailand) and Bucky Badger
2. Bucky Bond in Thailand