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This page has been created to give vent to my rage at the insufficient number of opportunities that I feel have been publicly offered to my artistic (or so I claim) leanings. For the most part, this page will house music - such that I have written and recorded in the past and that which has yet to be conceived and must therefore be given over to the future. However, I also plan on fanning my ever-expanding ego by allowing the light of the medium through which you are now digging to be cast upon my words - for those who are unable to decode this overly-wordy drivel - the internet will allow you to become privy to the poetry and prose that I have penned. I hope that someone, somewhere - that is, other than myself - finds this site interesting and maybe even useful. If this is not the case, I will simply revert to the love that I find that I am most able to give - that directed at the self. So have a nice day and fuck off.

P.S. I despise computers. Although I am fully aware of the irony contained within this declaration, I feel that I must stand by it. I have no interest in complementing my interenet home with the trappings of someone who feels affection for these evil beasts of modern (or postmodern - depending on your school of thought) ingenuity. Therefore, I'm creating this page using nothing other than an exceedingly simple text editor. Cry to someone else - I don't care.

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