AFPL Ghostscript maintenance procedures

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For other information, see the Ghostscript overview and the instructions on how to build Ghostscript.


This document describes various maintenance procedures associated with AFPL Ghostscript. It is only meant for developers actively working on AFPL Ghostscript; some parts of it are only relevant to developers who are members of the ghostscript group on SourceForge.

Problem reporting

Uploading test data

SourceForge currently provides no supported method for associating test data files with a problem report. Submitters can always include a URL in their public report, but sometimes the test files need to remain private.

To allow uploading of private test files, we have set up a CVS tree on a SourceForge server, accessible only to members of the ghostscript group. The simplest way to access this tree is to place the following script in /usr/local/bin under the name (say) cvs3:

exec env CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -z3 -d{username} "$@"

where {username} is your SourceForge user name. The relevant directories in this tree are called

The file named report should contain any bug report information (such as the name or company of the original submitter) that shouldn't be included in the public bug posting, if needed. For example, the contents of bug-data/102146/ are
bp-dist.pdf  bp-gs.pdf	    report

Assuming you keep a local checked-out copy of the private CVS tree under a directory named sf, the procedure for creating the structure for bug # 109999 with an uploaded data file might look like this:

cd sf/bug-data
mkdir 109999
cvs3 add 109999
If a report file is required:
	Create report file as 109999/report
	cvs3 add 109999/report
If test files are required:
	Copy test file to 109999/xyz
	cvs3 add 109999/xyz
cvs3 commit

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Ghostscript version 6.50, 2 December 2000