Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50

Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50 is available from*5.50*.tar.gz
and eventually for PCs from*.zip
See Obtaining Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50.
Date sent:        Thursday 17 September 1998
From:             "L. Peter Deutsch" <>
Subject:          Release of Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50

Aladdin Ghostscript 5.50 is now available from
		ghostscript-5.50.tar.gz (source code)
		ghostscript-5.50pc.tar.gz (PC executables and run-time files)
		ghostscript-5.50libpng.tar.gz (libpng 1.0.2)
		ghostscript-5.50zlib.tar.gz (zlib 1.1.3)
		ghostscript-5.50jpeg.tar.gz (IJG JPEG 6b)
		ghostscript-5.50gnu.tar.gz (a few GNU-licensed drivers)
[plus the following that are identical to their 5.03 counterparts:]
ZIP files for PC platforms are not available yet. However, since all the files needed to run on PCs are in the pc.tar.gz archive, you might consider getting MS-DOS versions of gzip and tar, both of which are available free.

The most significant change in this release is that thanks to a volunteer, all of the Ghostscript documentation is now in HTML.

This release was intended to complete the Display PostScript functionality of Ghostscript. Unfortunately, a commercial project unrelated to Ghostscript consumed so much of our development time that we were only able to implement a subset of the remaining Display PostScript functionality. We did implement a number of PostScript LanguageLevel 3 features, as well as nearly all of the Adobe Acrobat Distiller-like image compression facilities.

Please report problems in the 5.50 release by e-mail to <> using the Bug-form.htm reporting form that you will find in the Ghostscript fileset. We don't promise to investigate every problem, but if you provide us with a fully filled-out reporting form, the chances are much better that we will look into it.

Aladdin is committed to continuing the development of Ghostscript as a fully competitive commercial-quality product as well as an unsupported, freely redistributable package for end users. If you are, or you know someone who might be, a hardware, software, or system OEM interested in licensing Ghostscript for incorporation in a commercial product (either embedded or host-based), please contact our exclusive licensing partner, Artifex Software Inc., at <>.


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