Aladdin Ghostscript 6.50

artofcode LLC, Aladdin Enterprises, and Artifex Software Inc. are pleased to announce the release of AFPL Ghostscript version 6.50. This is primarily a maintenance release from the 6.01 public release from the beginning of this year. It supersedes both AFPL Ghostscript 6.01 and the Artifex supported OEM version 6.12. In addition to a number of bug fixes, there have been major improvements to PDFwrite output driver and its underlying high level output API.

This is the first release since artofcode LLC has taken over leadership of the future development and enhancement of Ghostscript. Ghostscript 6.50 has undergone rigorous testing and we are confident that 6.50 will provide a reliable contribution to the PDF and PostScript communities. Please see Obtaining AFPL Ghostscript 6.50 for details on how to get it.

Created 5 Dec 2000 by Raph Levien.