Aladdin Ghostscript 7.00

artofcode LLC and Artifex Software Inc. are pleased to announce the release of AFPL Ghostscript version 7.00. Notable new features include embedded ICC color profiles, support for the PDF 1.4 transparency and blending imaging model, and a new API for invoking Ghostscript from other applications.

Traditionally, at the time of each major AFPL release, there is a corresponding GPL release of the previous major release. This time, we plan to release 6.51 under the GPL, even though it contains significant features (particularly in PDF generation) over 6.01. The 6.51 release is scheduled for later this month so we have time to make sure the release will be fully polished.

This is the first major release since artofcode LLC has taken over maintenance of Ghostscript development. I look forward to continuing to work with the entire Ghostscript community to make Ghostscript even better.

Raph Levien

Please see Obtaining AFPL Ghostscript 7.00 for details on how to get it.