GPL Ghostscript 8.57

Artifex Software, Inc. and artofcode LLC are pleased to announce the release of GPL Ghostscript 8.57. This is a stable release in the 8.5x series.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, there are specific performance and quality improvements in the areas of patterns, shading and image filtering. Also new in this release is an implementation of the Well Tempered Screening algorithm in an output device, using Graeme Gill's IMDI library for efficient color mapping.

See the file doc/Changes.htm in the distribution for a complete list of changes.

The release is available from the usual locations:

MD5 checksums

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Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible!

Post-release news

After you get this version of Ghostscript, we suggest that you track news, updates, and fixes here or at the Ghostscript website,

Mirror sites

The primary site for the Ghostscript source code is The primary FTP site for the full Ghostscript release is Ghostscript is also available from many mirror sites which may be closer to you and provide faster access. Ghostscript is also available on CD-R.


If using OS/2 or MS-Windows it is strongly recommended that you also get GSview, which provides a graphical interface to Ghostscript.

To unpack ZIP files, you will need an unzip program such as Info-ZIP unzip.

Last update 2007-08-01