GPL Ghostscript 9.02

Artifex Software is happy to announce a new stable release of GPL Ghostscript and GhostPDL.

This is the third release in the stable 9.x series. The corresponding GhostPDL release is 9.02.

Source packages are available from:

And from the following mirrors:

SHA-1 checksums:

  • 1d8831e0dc23c658fe43c971ff1195507e1b3786 ghostscript-9.02.tar.gz
  • 66ea94471cd7846cae044d463eedbb4dab80051e ghostscript-9.02.tar.bz2
  • MD5 checksums:

    Highlights in this release include:

    For monochrome devices, there is a new halftone technique for sampled image data. The existing technique is very efficient (and IS STILL USED) for large areas of color, such as an area fill, but encountered performance problems dealing with sampled image data where a given colour value only covered a few pixels at a time. The new approach applies the halftone threshold array directly to the image samples.

    Further performance, memory use, and stability improvements with the new features introduced in 9.00, as well as Unix/Linux build fixes, plus the usual assorted bug fixes.

    Thanks to everyone whose hard work made this release possible!

    Post-release news

    After you get this version of Ghostscript, we suggest that you track news, updates, and fixes here or at the Ghostscript website,

    Microsoft Windows

    You will need to obtain and run the self-extracting EXE
    gs902w32.exe, GPL Ghostscript 9.02 for 32-bit Windows (the common variety).
    gs902w64.exe, GPL Ghostscript 9.02 for 64-bit Windows (x86_64).


    If using MS-Windows it is strongly recommended that you also get GSview, which provides a graphical interface to Ghostscript.

    To unpack ZIP files, you will need an unzip program such as Info-ZIP unzip.

    Last update 2011-05-04.