Release of GNU Ghostscript 4.03

From: "L. Peter Deutsch" 
Subject: Release of GNU Ghostscript 4.03
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 20:35:36 GMT
Newsgroups: gnu.ghostscript.bug
GNU Ghostscript 4.03 is now available from*.gz
Except for licensing terms (GPL instead of AFPL) and the fact that better fonts are available now than at the time Aladdin Ghostscript 4.03 was released, GNU Ghostscript 4.03 is identical to Aladdin Ghostscript 4.03.

GNU Ghostscript 4.03 has the following principal new features relative to GNU Ghostscript 3.33. This is not a complete list of new features or changes: consult the current.txt and NEWS files for details.

New switches:

New scripts and utilities:
pdf2ps input.pdf
Converts PDF to PostScript, similar to Adobe's Acrobat Exchange.
ps2pdf output.pdf
Converts PostScript to PDF, similar to Adobe's Acrobat Distiller. (It doesn't do a very good job just yet.)
Converts PDF to fake DSC-compliant PostScript code.
setpagedevice is (finally) implemented.

AccurateScreens is now implemented.

PostScript Type 42 (embedded TrueType) fonts are fully supported (but the output quality is not very good, because the current TrueType rasterizer ignores hints). Real TrueType fonts (.TTF) are also supported if Ghostscript is compiled with the ttfont feature included (which is the default on MS Windows platforms).

The driver interface has been expanded so that drivers can capture graphical "objects" at a high level rather than as rasters. See drivers.txt and gxdevice.h for details. Note that this interface is experimental and subject to change.

On Unix systems, if your system has libpng and/or libgz installed, switches in the Ghostscript makefiles allow you to use the installed libraries instead of having to compile your own copies.

The MS Windows and OS/2 configurations now include the PDF interpreter.

The PDF interpreter now accepts PDF 1.1 files and some PDF 1.2 files. PDF to PostScript conversion works properly. The Rotate key in PDF files is implemented.

The library has a new API that allows feeding strings to the interpreter in arbitrary chunks. See imain.h for details.

Anti-aliased characters are available under X Windows. Use the x11alpha device instead of x11. Anti-aliased text and graphics are also available for PBM output and for display output on MS Windows.

It is now possible to store band lists in RAM instead of on files. See the definition of cl_impl in lib.mak.

An experimental RasterOp extension is implemented. See language.txt. Note that this is subject to change.


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