Ghostscript Manual

Thomas Merz has written a Ghostscript manual which is available in PDF from this site in English (514k) and German (495k). It is also available from Thomas Merz's site in Germany.
Thomas Merz writes:

Ghostscript is the well-known PostScript interpreter which is available for all common and most esoteric platforms. Ghostscript is a powerful program for which highly portable C source code is available. I wrote a comprehensive Ghostscript user manual which is also part of my latest book (German: »Die PostScript- und Acrobat-Bibel« English edition called »PostScript & Acrobat/PDF«). The Manual covers many aspects of Ghostscript, including installation, configuration, build process, applications, and troubleshooting. This manual is freely available as a PDF file in several languages:

Important note:

You can view and print the Ghostscript manual with Adobe Acrobat software (available for many platforms) or Ghostscript itself (available for even more platforms). GSview for Windows and OS/2 can be used for viewing and printing the manual. Note that Ghostview for X11 has some problems displaying landscape PDFs, so you better use Ghostscript in a standalone fashion. You can use the pdf2ps shell script to instruct Ghostscript to convert the manual to PostScript:

pdf2ps gsman_e.pdf

Thomas Merz

Updated 1997-10-22