GSview 2.8 Bugs

This is not the most recent version of GSview.

This file contains information about known bugs, and workarounds or fixes when available.


Problem: (2.8) GSview Easy Configure doesn't work for Ghostscript 6.01.

Workaround #1: Use "Options | Advanced Configure" and enter the path to Aladdin Ghostscript 6.01.

Workaround #2: Use GSview 2.9.


Problem: (2.8) Ghostscript 6.0 creates PDF files with a font bounding box error on the second page.

Workaround #1: Add "-c save pop -f" to the Ghostscript options when using the pdfwrite device.

Workaround #2: Use GSview 2.81 beta.


Problem: (2.8) Help files incorrectly say 2.76beta instead of 2.8.

Workaround #1: Ignore it. The program itself is GSview 2.8.

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Last updated 2000-03-20.