GSview 3.6 Bugs

This is not the most recent version of GSview.

This file contains information about known bugs, and workarounds or fixes when available.


Problem: (3.6 and earlier) File | Convert ignores selected pages and always converts all pages.

Workaround: Try GSview 4.0.


Problem: (3.6 and earlier) Links don't work in PDF files with Ghostcript 6.50. This is due to an optimisation in Ghostscript 6.50 which doesn't bother to call pdfmark for PDF file unless the output device requests it.

Workaround: Apply the patch in the bug report at SourceForge.


Problem: (3.5) Adding a preview to an EPS file without a trailer produces incorrect output.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.6.


Problem: (3.5) Can't open DOS EPS files.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.6.


Problem: (3.4) GSview can't find AFPL Ghostscript 6.50. GSview finds Ghostscript using registry entries written by Ghostscript. AFPL Ghostscript writes these in a different place to Aladdin Ghostscript and GSview 3.4 doesn't look in the new location.

Workaround: To use AFPL Ghostscript, you must configure GSview with Options | Advanced Configure. Easy Configure will not work.


Problem: (3.4) Convert to vector format uses first page instead of selected page. This bug occurs if a multipage file is used, the pstoedit backend does not support multiple pages and a page other than the first page is selected.

Workaround: Extract the page with "File | Extract" and then use "Edit | Convert to vector format".


Problem: (3.3) Advanced PS print options are not saved correctly.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.4 or enter the settings manually in INI file.


Problem: (3.3) pdfmark is wrong for link with dashed border. Any text after the link is drawn at the wrong size and probably off the page.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.4.


Problem: (3.3) gsview /f doesn't produce any pages.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.4.


Problem: (3.0) Crash on exit after using Windows GDI print. This will also affect gsprint.


Use GSview 3.4 or change the "Windows GDI print" settings to "Black and White". If you need to use colour, restart GSview after every print job.


Problem: (3.0) Buttons Bar displays incorrect bitmaps on Windows 95.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.4.


Problem: (3.0) File | Print crashes on some non-English versions of Windows NT.

Workaround: Use GSview 3.4.

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