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Things to include:

  • your original project proposal (if you had one)
  • the source code for your project (probably in a zip file). make sure there's enough info so someone else might be able to build/use it.
  • some example results
  • a bibliography - list the things you've read for this project. Be sure to give a complete enough reference (a real citation, author, title, etc). I'd prefer an annotated bibliography (that is one where you give a brief description of each reference, maybe including what you've gotten out of it.).
  • the final project document

I recommend creating a web page with links to all these things (and a brief description).

Your final document should include these 4 sections:

1. Describe your **results**

   A description of what your final result is. Describe what you've
   achieved. Explain the methods it uses, what the software does, how
   it might be used, what its limitations are, ... Describe how you've
   evaluated the results.

   You might want to give some documentation for what you're handing

2. Describe the **work** that you did

   Describe how you got to your result. Where did your time actually
   go? What did you try that didn't make it into the final result? What
   was hard/easy?

3. Describe what you **learned** from this project

   The primary goal is for you to learn something (this is a
   class). Describe what you've gotten out of doing this project. There
   will probably be a list of technical and non-technical things that
   you've learned.

4. A **self-evaluation**

   How happy with you with how the project turned out (remember, the
   goal isn't just the result - its also what you've gotten out of
   doing it). What would you do differently next time? What would you
   tell someone else who is about to start a similar project?
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