Run DEVise Statically

If you don't have DEVise yet, it will soon be available for anyone to download on this web site. But now you can run DEVise in batch mode remotely on web. There is a DEVise server running on and listening to client. First you click on the session file you want to run. Once you press the button "Run DEVise", the cgi scripts for this form launches DEVise client. The client contacts the DEVise server and tell it the session file it wants to run. The server produces a gif file and ship it back. This may take a little longer.

Please choose the session you want to run:

Run DEVise Dynamically

If you do have DEVise, you can run it dynamically on your machine with the session files on First you need to configure your web browser appropriately. To define DEVise as a helper application, go to menu Options/General Preferences.../Helpers. Press on "New..." to add MIME type configuration. Type in "application/devise" as Type and "$YourDEViseRunDir/deviseweb -session %s > /dev/null" as Application. Here are some sample sessions which you can download by simply clicking on them.

This page is still under construction.

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