Family Medicine Data Viewer

This page is used for graphically browsing data in Dept. of Family Medicine. The graphs were generated using DEVise. You can view the number of visits, procedures (associated with dollars), diagnosis etc for every day, week, month, year and for each doctor by clicking on teh buttons. You can also see some comparative charts between clinics. The future work on this project includes daily on-line access to the above data, immunization rates by clinic and by doctor, and child bearing studies.

The development of this Data Viewer is a collaborative effort between the Department of Family Medicine and the DEVise Project Team in Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Visits Data
Demographical Data
Information about ICD9 and CPT codes
Weather Information, Correlations and More Fun Stuff
Some ad_hoc queries on the fly
Some ad_hoc queries
Some queries for Dr.Temte

If you have any suggestions or would like to have more information, please send email to Dave Simmons, Miron Livny , Raghu Ramakrishnan or Guangshun Chen .

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