[CS 559]Assignments

Assignment 1
- Getting familiar with canvas 2d context. Draw bouncing balls that randomly change color in a smooth way.
Assignment 2
- hierarchical modeling: a chain of monkeys fishing for the moon.
Assignment 3
- Practice for projection: lovely pinky Eiffel Tower composed of randomly generated lines with smooth mouse navigation.
Assignment 4
- Using painter's algorithm to draw a randomly rotating 3D Rubik's Cube.
Assignment 5
- Learn to use shaders. The super cool texture is hard coded! Please have a look.
Assignment 6
- First "complete" assignment with WebGL. 3D Bouncing ball with gravity. Rotate the box to see the cool stuff.
Assignment 7 to 10
- Graphics Town: more advanced techniques with textures and framebuffers (skybox, bump mapping, wormhole, and shadowing).
Assignment 11 to 13
- Trains: work with cardinal spline, Bezier curve, and B-spline, and their arc-length parameterization.