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Leon (Guohong) Yang

Contact Information

Email: gyang48 at wisc dot edu
Profiles: GitHub, LinkedIn

About Me

I major in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, with preference to pursuing a Computer Science career.

Currently, I am working at LOCI as programmer, helping with the ImageJ project.

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Projects & Works

CS 559 Assignments
- Assignment projects for the CS 559 Computer Graphics. Everyone is treated seriously.
Collision Detection
- implementation of high precision ball collision detection with grid optimization
WebGL Assignments
- WebGL assignments of a recently taking Coursera course
- algorithms related with finite automaton and regular language
- simulation of the famous board game Quoridor, first attempt to implement MVC and RMI
Contain Distance
- approximate string search algorithm: how to find the String that best "contains" the key?
Rent Manager
- management software for renting data: tenant info, utilites bills, ect.
- simulation of the MS Windows classic game (for learning purpose of course!)
Dota 2 Assistant
- simple application to help find the best picks given the opposite team
Tilt Shift
- image processor that can simulate the tilt shift effect
Billiard Ball
- simulation of the billiard ball game in real scale
- image processor that can generate "character-represented" images
- simulation of the classic game Tetris, a bit challenging for beginner!
- simulation of the classic game Snake, a good practice
Dot Rush
- my first game, not the Pong, but still dealing with balls

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