My name is Brian Hackbarth and I am a software engineer at Raven Software. I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from Purdue University. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degrees from the Computer Sciences and Mathematics departments.

Here are links to my resume in PDF, PostScript, and DVI.
Here are some pictures of our new dog!


Following are a few projects I am working/have worked on in my spare time.

Cid Engine

The Cid Engine is my current project, named for the ever-present Final Fantasy character. The main motivation behind the project is to increase my C++ knowledge and provide a playground to experiment with advanced rendering techniques.


TRPG was my first shot at a 3D engine, used mainly as a learning tool. It is written in C, uses OpenGL for rendering, and SDL for event and window management.


A 2D game in the style of Final Fantasy.


A Tetris clone and my first attempt at anything game or graphics.

Past Life

Following are what I gladly spent all my time with while at Madison


Here are various pictures of me and my life throughout the past few years.