Mega-man midis

     Back in my High School and college days, I believed that the Mega Man series
for the Nintendo Entertainment System were the best games ever.  Besides having
excellent playability, the games had a feature that made them unique-- 
excellent music.

     Before the days of the *.nsf file format, which allows almost any Nintendo
or Famicom game's music to play on utilities such as WinAmp, the only tools 
available were Midis and *.wav files.  Since *.wav files can grow to be gigantic 
in size, and with web server space being so limited at the time, I "composed" 
these MIDIS from the original music, tweaking them to be as good as the originals.

     This page is obviously very poorly done, but I am leaving it in this format 
to be nostalgic.   The Animated Gifs were created with MegaMan screenshots, and a
freeware program that I used back in college.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening 
to these if you have the time.

                                       -John K. Harvey

P.S.  Note that these were created using an 16-bit sound card.  They still sound
ok with an 8-bit sound card, but they may sound funny on anything more advanced.
Of special note are the scores with percussion instruments; The Woodman midi
may not sound accurate on a 32-bit MIDI platform.  Other files may have this
problem too.  I thought I should let you know that I didn't intentionally make
some of these sound terrible (if they do; I don't know).  It could be that
technology advancements may have changed the sound of these simple melodies.

Anyway, on with the show...
Mega man is cool.


Magnet Man!!

Guts Man!!

Wood Man

Dr Wily Stage 2
(Megaman 2)

Dr. Wily Stage 2

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