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Embedded system programmer skilled in optimized assembly language programming in a real-time operating system environment. Current role as process-based software configuration manager, with limited management of and interaction with developers. Understands software development lifecycle. College background includes Java programming and compiler design. Designs and codes games and utilities as a hobby. Hard-working and solution-oriented problem analyzer, with ability to work individually or as a member of a team.


Motorola.  Arlington Heights, IL			January 2001- Present
Software Configuration Manager (E06) Software Engineer (E06)


University of Wisconsin - Madison
College of Letters and Science				Major: Computer Science
Bachelor of Science, December 2000			Major GPA 3.31 / 4.0, Overall GPA 3.02 / 4.00
Coursework includes Operating Systems, Compilers, Computer System Modeling Fundamentals, MIPS RISC Assembly Language Programming, Algorithms, Digital System Fundamentals, Data Structures in C++, Algebraic Language Programming in C++, Artificial Intelligence, and Numerical Methods


Atari-related projects



Computer Languages: Motorola 56305 DSP, 6502, MIPS RISC, JAVA, C++, C, HTML, QBASIC, perl, BASICA, 68HC11, MATLAB
Software Familiarity: ClearCase (both graphical and command-line), ClearQuest, Framemaker, Exceed, ClearDDTS, JLEX, ProComm, Reflection X, MS Office, DOORs
Communication Skills: Written and oral proficiency in the Spanish language
Concepts: CDMA/GSM/AMPS signalling theory, GSM channel coding (encoding with Viterbi decoding), RF multipath fading, RS-232, stochastic processes and queuing theory, compression algorithms (fax, JPEG, MPEG, ZIP)