Here are some pictures at Wagenburg (i.e. the Carriage Museum) in Vienna. Wagenburg is located at Schonbrunn Palace and is used to house and display the coaches, sleighs, and sedan chairs that were used to transport the imperial family.
Captions are given below some of the photos and you can click on a thumbnail to get a larger view of each picture.
This carriage is miniature because it was designed for the children of the family. Another child carriage. A different child carriage. I really liked the little ones. This was my favorite of the "little" carriages. This carriage was made for a newborn infant.
And this is the last of the kid carriages at the museum. The cloth on this sedan chair was REALLY worn out. The information card said that it was used to transport the Emperor within the palace. He must have used it a lot.
This sleigh was originally covered in real leopard fur. Not very practical, but very stylish. even long ago.
This was my favorite of all of the items on display. This carriage was the funeral carriage for the imperial family for many, many years. It is very big and very awe-inspiring - exactly what I expect they were going for.
Here is a clearer image of that funerary carriage.