Made it to O’Hare with 3 hours to spare! Security took ~ 10 minutes, so from bus drop off to me sitting in the gate it only took about half an hour! There were a couple other MSC people sitting in the gate, they probably took the chartered Van Galder bus that left at 7 this morning. They’ve probably been hanging out here since 9. I took a couple pictures and a video, but due to the way I am hosting this blog (on the UW servers) I can’t easily upload them, so ill play around for a bit and see if I can get it uploaded. Boarding starts in about an hour, at 1:45 and take off is at 2:30.

I also hope to get a map of where I’m going in Germany set up before I leave, however I’m not sure that will happen. Looking at the itinerary it seems we’ll have most of the day to our selves once we land, so I may work on it then instead.

So far, there are only two issues that I have encountered.

  1. I forgot to charge my MacBook, but I found an outlet in the gate
  2. I brought the wrong charging cord for most of my electronics, I grabbed a Mini USB instead of a Micro whoops.

As I was typing this post my free wifi apparently ran out. I guess you only get half an hour of free wifi, then you have to pay. Ugh, I ended up getting it so I can post this and because I have a several hour layover in Newark on the way back. It’s a monthly subscription, so hopefully I remember to cancel it.

Once my MacBook finishes charging I think I’m going to walk around a bit and look for a place to buy a cheap Micro USB cord.

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