Bus Ride to Freiburg

We have left the Frankfurt airport and are on our way to Freiburg. It’s a 3 hour bus drive on the Autobahn. While cars don’t have a speed limit bigger vehicles like our bus and semitrucks do, at 80 kph ≈ 60 mph. Our bus is actually capped 100 kph and can’t travel faster. Another odd thing about our bus is that they sell beer and wine on it. So not only can you drink in a vehicle you can also straight up purchase alcohol in a vehicle.

So far Germany is much greener than I thought, however we are in the Rhine valley so it’s unusually fertile here. We also saw a little deer, I’m not sure if it was a fawn or just a small deer. Apparently most of the crops that we have passed are asparagus and tobacco because this area is more temperate then the rest of Germany. There also seems to be more forest than I would have thought, seeing as Germany has been around for a long time. Especially flying into Frankfurt it seemed like there was tons of forest in the surrounding area.

We stopped for a bathroom and food break at a little rest stop/motel/truck stop. I used an ATM to withdraw €50 and I was pleasantly surprised by the exchange rate. Google lists €50 as $55.74 and I checked my checking account and I was charged $55.86 with a 56¢ international withrawl fee. I have noticed that the prices for electronics here are significantly more than the us counterparts. For example a micro USB cord was €15 and for a complete eu charging set the price was €29.99. I’m curious if this is because the EU has stricter rules and regulations on electronics or if prices are just jacked up. On a side note I found a Jack Daniels “Whiskey Cola”, eww.

As far as the weather goes, it was pretty dreary and gray this morning with a light drizzle and as we’re leaving the rest stop now it started raining pretty heavily.

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