Freiburg 5/19

We arrived in Frankfurt slightly earlier than expected and we had about an hour to wait around for the bus to show up. I explored the airport a bit, and found out most vendors speak English very well. I was disappointed to find out that there was only one store that I could buy a SIM card from, and that it was €49.99 for 5GB, something that I didn’t think that I needed. We finally met our tour guide and we found out that we would have to walk about 10 minutes away from the terminal because of new security protocols, not allowing busses to be near the arrivals area. The bus ride to Freiburg was a couple hours, and I a fair amount of it. It was really the first exposure to the amount of graffiti here, almost everything around the airport was tagged, with the most frequent being “YF” – I have no idea what it stands for. We arrived at the hotel at around 1:30 and had an hour to check in and get everything settled and to get back on the bus. However when it was time to leave there were several people who weren’t on the bus, and it took another half an hour until we left. There was some drama about someone missing shoes and thinking it was in someone else’s room, and they ended up being in her own room. We arrived for our tours about half an hour late. Our tour was a bit rushed, but we covered some interesting stuff. Firstly, Freiburg has a system of little canals that run throughout the city. They were used in the medieval times to deliver fresh water for use for cleaning, bathing and laundry, not really for consumption. Secondly there was a cathedral in the center of town. Throughout the tour it became apparent that the majority of the city was destroyed during WWII and it was almost all reconstructed after the war, including the canal systems. However the cathedral was spared during the war, and prior to the war all of the stained glass windows were removed and preserved, so the majority of the windows that were in the cathedral were the original windows. At the end of the tour we met at a multi-floor restaurant that was all reserved for us. We had a three course dinner that consisted of a salad with a sour dressing, schnitzel with spätzle, and a black forest chair cake thing (I forgot what it is called). We had a brief introduction to spätzle, that it was a regional specialty and lo and behold, when it was served, I exclaimed “Oh! I have this all the time at home!”. Apparently my mother makes schnitzel with spätzle quite regularly and it caught me off guard because it was supposed to be some regional specialty. I also had a Dunkel beer, which was really good. I believe its a darker wheat beer, but it was fairly sweet and not bitter at all. The hotel we stayed in was pretty small, the beds were tiny, and the bathroom seemed to be about the size of a plane bathroom plus a tiny shower.

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