We have liftoff! I’ll make little updates along the way, but it will all only get posted once we land.

Dinner was a roll, microwaved Chinese food and a roll 

4:30 CDT We just got little gelato cups!

4:50 CDT We’ve reached the East Coast. I think I’ll try to sleep the rest of the flight. We’ll see how that goes…

4:53 CDT Nevermind, we just hit some turbulence, the plane is shaking left and right.

6:26 CDT I did end up sleeping for a bit! Goodnight!

6:43 CDT I gotta pee, but everyone in my row is asleep…

7:20 CDT Still really need to pee. I also don’t feel very tired anymore.

7:50 CDT That felt really good to walk around a bit. It’s the first time I’ve stood up in about 5 and a half hours. Only about 3 to go.

9:12 CDT We’re over land again, I’m not entirely sure where? It might be Ireland because I can see multiple coasts.

9:24 CDT We’re over England now, it’s pretty neat looking out at all the different cities and communities all lit up at night. It also smells (and sounds) like they’re about to serve breakfast.

9:37 CDT We should be passing over London currently, however it seems to be pretty overcasty so I can’t see anything. We should be arriving in 55 min which is about 20 min ahead of schedule.

10:14 CDT We’re over Germany! I’m not sure what happened to our lead we’re back to arriving on schedule. Hopefully I can find a place to buy a sim card, it’ll be so much easier at an airport then at store

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