Germany So Far

It was a crazy busy two days in Freiburg (at this point we spent two more days in Ottobeuren as well). I was supposed to have plenty of time, however it has become evident that we will typically leave half an hour to an hour and a half late, wherever we go. A little more on that in a bit. Since it was so busy I didn’t have much time to sit down and document everything that I was doing so I’ll make two additional posts, one for each day and try to include pictures in them. I intend on posting the text for at least one of the days in Freiburg tonight, the second tomorrow, and I’ll probably go through the pictures on our trip to Leipzig.
There’s several things I’ve noticed about Germany so far. Firstly, almost everyone I have encountered speaks English and many things are written in both English and German. All of the stores and clerks that I have encountered always are very helpful in English and switch pretty easily. Usually the conversation starts with them saying “Allo”, I responding with “Hello”, then the realize that I speak English and proceed with the conversation in English. I have only encountered one person that I talked with that it was a little bit of a struggle to understand what we were talking about. Secondly, I was astonished by the amount of graffiti. While I’m writing this I realize that I haven’t actually taken any pictures of the graffiti, but I’m sure I’ll have to opportunity to within the next few days. It was one of the first things that we saw leaving Frankfurt, the first tunnel we went into was just covered in graffiti. It is just everywhere, if there is any public facilities installment (like a power factor correction box or breakers) it is usually just covered in graffiti. Same goes for anything along an Autobahn, the privacy walls, little telephone box things?, almost every underpass or bridge, etc. However traffic/street signs seem to be an exception and are graffiti free. In the student portion of Freiburg there were several houses that had a significant amount of graffiti on them. However like the traffic/street signs all of the historic places, even though many of them were in public places were graffiti free. There seems to be a lot of renewable energy sources in Germany. quite frequently we will come across voltaic solar panel farms. I find this odd, because usually reflective solar farms are more common and tend to be more energy efficient. There are also plenty of windmills across the countryside and along the hills. In addition to the numerous solar farms, we have also come across a lot of rapeseed farms, the plant that we use to produce canola oil. There are beautiful fields of these yellow flowers that stretch across the landscape.

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