Paul Howe


You've found my home at the University of Wisconsin Computer Science dept. Unfortunately I am no longer a student in Madison but my pages live on and wear my personality like a ghost among the linux and sun arrays.

I am now living in Brno (one of those central european cities that despises vowels) and studying czech (one of those central european languages that despises vowels).

I will be out of the country for a year or so but in the mean time I will be working on a few of my own personal CS projects. I will append more links below when something of possible relevance emerges.

In the near future I would like to (a) write a swiss army style czech dictionary in Cocoa and (b) set up a wikiweb for czech grammar. If you have any ideas for interesting projects involving any of the above topics, shoot me a message.

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Jaselska 29, Apt #4
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic


+(420) 607 543 873