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Thanks for dropping by at my Homepage. Nothing special has been created. I am still thinking of a great design for it. Might take up some time but be sureto drop by soon!!!

I was one of the most famous stars of the 1920, rivaling Chaplin and Keaton. The Prince of Wales picked me has his Polo team mascot, a picture of me accompanied Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic, and a statue of me was the first image successfully transmitted during the development of Television.

In the '60s I was the star of my own television series, in which I somehow obtained a Magic Bag of Tricks (didn't we all...). No one ever seems to agree whether or not I have teeth or whiskers.

I like to spend my time:

I wish you could finger me, but the Lab won't give me an account (hairballs and keyboards don't mix). You can finger charlesm instead.

Je suis un véritable chat passe-partout!

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