Gino (Jinho) Lim, Ph.D.

Education: PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Research interest: Optimization, Operations Research Applications in Health Systems, Financial Engineering, Statistical Process Control, and Forecasting Models and Analysis.

My new Job: I moved to Houston. Houston! Houston! We have Gino here! The department of industrial engineering at the University of Houston.

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Currently, I am working on the optimization of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy(IMRT) project with Michael Ferris, PhD , Stephen Wright, PhD , David Shepard,PhD, and Mathew Earl, PhD.
My research focus at this moment is to develop an optimization tool for 3D conformal radiotherapy to aid treatment planning in practice. The reason I am working on optimization in radiation treatment planning is that great tools in mathematical optimization shine when they really work in reality. I would like to bridge between the theory and the application
I have also been working on the optimization of the Gamma Knife radiosurgery treatment planning problem using Nonlinear Programming. If you would like to learn more about the Gamma Knife surgery procedure, there are several websites you can click on such as
Gamma Knife Overview
University of Maryland Gamma Knife Center
Central New York Gamma Knife Center
Sutter Gamma Knife Center.

Some articles about my research:

  • Wisconsin Week: "If ever a medical procedure seemed in dire need of technological support, this would be it...."
  • Science Daily Magazine: "Computer Program Lends New Precision To "Gamma Knife"
  • Beyond 2000: "Entrusting anyone with the contents of your skull is a scary thought,..."
  • INVACARE: "Computers Help Treat Serious Medical Conditions "
  • "Computer program lends new precision to 'Gamma Knife' "


  • Pierskalla Best Paper Award, INFORMS, San Jose, CA, 2002.
  • Vilas Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002-2003
  • Travel Grant Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002-2003.

    Research Interests

    • Mathematical Programming: I am interested in solving large scale optimization problems in medical applications using state-of-the-art modeling language, GAMS. Recently we have developed an optimization model for the Gamma Knife radiosurgery treatment planning using Nonlinear programming. This program is in use to treat cancer patients at the University of Maryland hospital since February 2001.
    • Stochastic Modeling and Simulation: In practice, many problems have uncertainty in their future behavior. Some problems can be solved using known formulae, but others cannot. The statistical tools are powerful to capture this uncertainty.
    • Statistical Process Control, Dynamic programming
    • Bayesian Statistics, Inventory control, Forecasting


    • D.M. Shepard, Z. Jiang, M.A. Earl, M.C. Ferris, Jinho Lim, and S. Naqvi, "A Toolbox for IMRT Optimization," submitted to Medical Physics, April 2003.
    • Jinho Lim, Michael C. Ferris, and David M. Shepard, "Optimization tools for radiation treatment planning,", Optimization Technical Report 03-01, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, March 2003.
    • Jinho Lim, Michael C. Ferris, David M. Shepard, Stephen J. Wright, and Matthew A. Earl "An optimization framework for conformal radiation treatment planning,", Accepted for publication, INFORMS Journal On Computing, July 2003.

    My PhD Thesis

    Recent Talks

    • "Robust optimization models for radiation treatment planning," University of Houston, November 2003.
    • "An optimization framework for three-dimensional radiation treatment planning," The First International Workshop on IMRT, Fort Lauderdale, FL, January 2003

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