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  • Lockhart Speedscreen

    This is a good aftermarket windscreen replacement. I was interested in what a smoke colored screen would do for my '94 VFR. It looks sharp on the bike, doesn't have the Honda fit and finish (doesn't meet the fairing flush at the mirror bases) and isn't of good optical quality (I don't ride while looking throught he thing anyhow...), but its a nice touch. There's a picture of a '94 VFR in the Lockhart catalog with the same screen. I bought it for less than US$40 and feel it was worth keeping on the bike. Lockhart sells three types of screens a regular "USA Speedscreen", a "Euro Speedscreen" and a "Racelite Speedscreen". I purchased the regular in smoke, but the Euro touring style is also available for the 94+ VFRs. You can get Lockhart Phillips at (800)221-7291. houghton@leds.enet.qntm.com (J.Houghton)

  • Givi Windscreen for 94-96

    The quality of the screen is outstanding, and it also looks really good, especially with my Corbin seat. The upward curves of the rear seat and the screen seem to complement each other for an upwardly curving theme. The shape of the bike now looks a little strange to me with the rear cowl on, but it wouldn't look the same with a stock seat anyway, which does not have the pattern or the curves of the leather Corbin. Wind noise is not much different, but the new screen really takes the wind and bugs/rain off my chest. These things now hit me at neck level. (I'm 5'8", but have Heli bars so I ride a little more upright than on a normal VFR.) I can also tuck all the way under the screen now if I want, looking through the screen, for almost total silence. I don't like to ride that way as it makes my lower back feel strange, but it's a nice break every once in a while. Overall, an excellent product. jwright@commsoft.com (Jim Wright)

  • Givi Windscreen for 98+

    Two weeks ago I mounted a Givi D 200 S on a 1998 VFR800. This windshield is medium smoke in color and about 4" taller than the stock windshield with a "Euro flip" at the rear edge. The fit and finish of the product was excellent. The rear edge is covered by a black plastic strip which makes it look better than the stock windshield. The thickness is about the same as stock. There was no sharp or unfinished edges on the shield and it fit perfectly. The entire switch over took only about 15 minutes.

    The windscreen is significantly taller than stock and directs the air up to about eye level. I'm 5'8" tall and there is virtually no wind on my chest anymore. The wind stream is smooth and moves up with speed.

    I purchased mine through Road Rider. The windshield was shipped direct from Givi to my door for $85. kens@lsid.hp.com (Ken Snyder)

    I purchased a Givi windscreen and installed it in 30 min. perfect fit just like the factory. The color is light smoked and is 4 inches taller than stock which pushes the wind to neck level or higher, I have genmar risers so I do sit up higher. The warning label on the windscreen said not to exceed speeds greater than 75 mph. what is the reason for this ? nobody would buy a sport bike and not exceed that. Don't worry to much about that I have pushed 150 + and have not noticed any problems with cracks etc. I did notice a very little cross wind feeling being picked up more than stock at 100+++++ and I do mean very little. handling may have changed very very little most people will not notice this. anytime you change drag on any bike handling will change alittle. overall this is a clean, nice looking windscreen. Stkshooter@aol.com

  • Targa Windscreen for 98+ I bought the Targa windscreen for my 98 VFR and they make a good product, the screen was mailed to my house and had some fine scratches in it but was still acceptable, This windscreen fits kind of different, in the front instead of the tabs on the stock shield Targa has metal clips that screw with plastic screws into the shield and slide in to the front cowl, takes about 25 min. to put on and is a little taller about 2in. than the stock but still looks good on the bike. It sells for 60$.1-800-521-7945 Targa. vmax@megsinet.net (Robert Embleton)

  • Eagle Screen I own a 2000 VFR800 and purchased an "Eagle Screen" wind shield ( Oz Company in Western Australia). This unit fitted in 10 minutes, comes in a dark tint and is extended  in height about 1 1/2 ins with a lip that diverts all airflow away from my frame 5'9".

    I can enjoy the note of my blue flash more . I am impressed. Surprisingly fuel economy is more consistent.

    Shayne Potter (jazzleo@powerup.com.au)

  • Zero Gravity Double Bubble My '98 VFR800 is on its second Zero Gravity double-bubble windscreen. ZG refers to its color as "dark smoke." After about 3 years, the first one had 3 or 4 "star cracks" from where it had been hit with rocks thrown up by vehicles in front of me--apparently acrylic is more brittle than Plexiglas or Lexan--and even though they did not affect the integrity or performance of the windscreen, they were enough to bother me every time I saw them. Installation was tedious because there are two pieces of the inner cowl, each of which is attached to the upper fairing by one phillips-head machine screw. The screws that attach these pieces have to be removed and reinstalled very carefully to avoid cross threading the captive "nuts" which are made of brass and are press-fitted and/or glued into the upper fairing. The ZG has four tabs that hook into the upper fairing and a mounting hole on each side, all of which have to be maneuvered into their respective locations. An extra pair of hands would have made the job of inserting them go more easily, but if I can do it by myself, any one person can. Once installed, the windscreen seems to direct more air away from my body and helmet than did the OEM windscreen. It is a well-made product with smooth edges and no noticeable flaws. It certainly looks better than the OEM and may reduce, if not prevent, the dashboard melting problem that some owners have experienced. I kept my first one cleaned and polished with plastic polish as recommended by Zero Gravity. I shopped around at all the usual mail-order places, but the best deal to be found was at http://www.whitebuffaloracing.com/ and they had the screen to me in less than a week. (Jonathan Davis - Jonathan.Davis@tlc.state.tx.us )

  • AirBlade I'm the proud owner of a 94 VFR750F and I recently install a new AirBlade Windscreen to replace the factory Screen. I must say that the AirBlade looks great and brings the 94 up to date in terms of looks. I would recommend this Screen to anyone looking for more wind protection and also the look of a newer VFR. ( Billy - cranbrooksims@neo.rr.com )

  • Fog City ProShield

    I have a new Shoei X-9 helmet. Due to the cold winters here in VA, I had to get fog protection just to get to/from work safely each day. I ordered the new Proshield and installed it as prescribed. Initially, it worked great and presented no glare/distortion problems. It was a tranparent addition. HOWEVER, after two weeks, it unceremoniously fell off and gooked up my faceshield. Fog City said they sent me a bad one, sent me another, and said to clean the faceshield with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol DOES NOT clean it up, and a careful application of paint thinner does the trick quickly. The NEW Proshield arrived, and I took an extra precaution. I carefully polished the inside of the faceshield with Mxeguirers plastic polishing liquid, thoroughly. I attached the shield again according to directions. It too worked as advertised, for two weeks. The new one fell off as well! All calls I have placed to Fog City have been unanswered. As of now, the issue is unresolved. The shield has enough adhesive to be pressed back into place, but must be repressed into palce every day or two. Not a workable solution. I would recommend caution with this product until Fog City gets this problem with the Proshield worked out. (Ed. Please keep us posted as to how this problem is resolved)

    (Ed. The problem has been resolved. Read Mark Rose's comments below, and also the comments of Richard Marlin, FogCity CEO)

    Hello, this is Mark Rose, the guy who posted a poor review of the FogCity ProShield. I just wanted you to know that I emailed my dispute to Richard Marlin after returning from three months of being away from home (with the VFR, thankgoodness----the USAF is not all bad!). Within days, FogCity had called me at my house and promised a revised shield. I received the new ProShield three days ago, and just put in on yesterday. After a month, I would like to add my luck with the new shield to set the record straight. This is just keeping you up on what FogCity has done with this. Thanks for your help! VFRdriver@aol.com (Mark Rose)

    Just wanted to say that my girlfriend has ridden at least a year with a Fog City shield with no problem. Her new ARAI does not fog up as bad as her old SHOEI, so she has not bought another. It worked perfectly, though. 104137.1114@compuserve.com (Kevin Thomas)

    I honestly don't understand why any other manufacturer bothers to try to compete. They do give a slight halo around oncoming lights, but no worse than sprays I have previously tried. My shield has survived over a year of abuse and would be worth its cost if it desintigrated tomorow. TIP to get-around tricky installation- when in your bike accessories shop, ask for the shield, confirm the price, then whip out your visor and say "I'll just have a look around while you fit it on there". Andi_Picker@reading.sterling.com (Andi Picker)

    I too am having thr problem with the Fog City Proshield. After about 2 weeks or so mine fell off. I cleaned the inside of my Shoei shild per instructions before installation. Mine fell off while riding in city traffic - quite a surprise. I went back to my dealer and he tried to call Fog City but only received a telephone recording. No resolution yet. Any one get a satisfactory resolution from Fog City? I also have the older Fog City on another face shield, and never had the same problem - even though it doesn't fit as well. ewright@ccnet.com (Ed Wright)

    As you may know we manufacture the Fog City line of products (I invented the little gizmo to help my road racing efforts at Sears Point Raceway, California - yeah AFM'er). I really appreciate your viewers comments both good and bad about our product line. My only goal is to provide high quality products that enhance the riding experience. That having been said, I am aware that we have had some defective adhesive on some of the ProShields we have distributed. Very unfortunate and a real drag to all parties involved. I have made efforts to recall these product from distributors but some managed to get through to the consumer. I have stopped production of the ProShield line and will not be distributing any more until an exceptable new adhesive is found that works up to my level of satisfaction. We are more than happy to accept any and all defective ProShields for credit, exchange (for the new ones when they are ready), or refund if need be to insure that we take care of the customers that take care of us. Please feel free to share this information with any and all Fog City users. If any body out there has a product enhancement idea, or would like to drop me a line I invite them to do so at Rick@modernworld.com. If you would like to check out our home page that has all our anti-fog products, our Home Page address is http://www.modernworld.com Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to help my loyal customers who otherwise may go unserviced. modernworld.com@sirius.com (Richard A. Marlin)-- President Modern World Ventures (Fog City)