VFR Classifieds

(A listing of VFR's for sale around the world)

Many of you have written to say that you are in the market for a VFR and would like to know who is selling. The fact is that used VFRs are hard to come by, and those of you on a quest to find this Holy Grail of Motorcycling might need some assistance. So any of you out there who are serious about selling your Viffer (VFR750, VFR700, VFR400, RVF750, RVF400, RC45, RC30, NR750---- no VFs or Magnas) please send me an email in the following format containing the following info....

Year & Model
Real Name
Email Address
Country (if outside of the US or Canada, state/province if in the US or Canada)
The fact that the bike is for sale (this is my normal e-mail address--you have to state your business)

Send this info (nothing more and nothing less) to john@cs.wisc.edu

If you are looking for a bike, please do not send me email. This is a place for sellers to advertise their bikes. Just look and see if there is something here you want, and email the individual. This service is limited to individuals only (no dealerships). This is only for complete motorcycles in running condition. Do not include any addresses or phone numbers. Do not post "for a friend" unless you are willing to handle the email for your friend too. If your bike is no longer for sale, please let me know with another email. Do not send me any info other than what I have asked for. Do not tell me the condition of the bike, do not tell me about the aftermarket add-ons, and please do not tell me your snail mail address. I will refuse to provide this service to anyone who includes snail mail information in their email to me.


Many people have reported scam reports, alledgedly from their listing here. The usual scam is an offer to buy the bike from overseas via money order, which the seller would take to the bank and is often over the actual price of the bike. The "buyer's" representative will take the overage from you and arrange for delivery later. Or maybe they've got a friend in this country that owes them money who will write a check for the bike. The check or money order is likely to be bogus, and any overage returned is lost by the seller. Be weary of such offers! You may want to call your local law enforcement about such propositions.

If any of these bikes are already sold, or are being sold by a dealer and not an individual, please let me know via email and I will remove that listing.

Now with US State information

Please note that you may now include the two letter state abreviation after the USA. Example.... USA-IA ( Iowa ). If your listing is already here, you may send me your state and I will add it. Once again, please do not send me your snail mail address!

Year/Model NameEmail AddressCountry