VFR Classifieds

(A listing of VFR's for sale around the world)

Many of you have written to say that you are in the market for a VFR and would like to know who is selling. The fact is that used VFRs are hard to come by, and those of you on a quest to find this Holy Grail of Motorcycling might need some assistance. So any of you out there who are serious about selling your Viffer (VFR750, VFR700, VFR400, RVF750, RVF400, RC45, RC30, NR750---- no VFs or Magnas) please send me an email in the following format containing the following info....

Year & Model
Real Name
Email Address
Country (if outside of the US or Canada, state/province if in the US or Canada)
The fact that the bike is for sale (this is my normal e-mail address--you have to state your business)

Send this info (nothing more and nothing less) to john@cs.wisc.edu

If you are looking for a bike, please do not send me email. This is a place for sellers to advertise their bikes. Just look and see if there is something here you want, and email the individual. This service is limited to individuals only (no dealerships). This is only for complete motorcycles in running condition. Do not include any addresses or phone numbers. Do not post "for a friend" unless you are willing to handle the email for your friend too. If your bike is no longer for sale, please let me know with another email. Do not send me any info other than what I have asked for. Do not tell me the condition of the bike, do not tell me about the aftermarket add-ons, and please do not tell me your snail mail address. I will refuse to provide this service to anyone who includes snail mail information in their email to me.


Many people have reported scam reports, alledgedly from their listing here. The usual scam is an offer to buy the bike from overseas via money order, which the seller would take to the bank and is often over the actual price of the bike. The "buyer's" representative will take the overage from you and arrange for delivery later. Or maybe they've got a friend in this country that owes them money who will write a check for the bike. The check or money order is likely to be bogus, and any overage returned is lost by the seller. Be weary of such offers! You may want to call your local law enforcement about such propositions.

If any of these bikes are already sold, or are being sold by a dealer and not an individual, please let me know via email and I will remove that listing.

Now with US State information

Please note that you may now include the two letter state abreviation after the USA. Example.... USA-IA ( Iowa ). If your listing is already here, you may send me your state and I will add it. Once again, please do not send me your snail mail address!

Year/Model NameEmail AddressCountry
93 NC30 Chris Bone bonechris@hotmail.com USA-CA
92 NC30 Harry Sallee crowdogr6@aol.com USA-AL
91 NC30 Wayne Martin WMAXBIAGGI@aol.com England
92 NC30 Niall Cleary nile69@hotmail.com Ireland
90 NC30 (Castrol colors) Nigel Whitehead nigel@motorrepairs.fsnet.co.uk UK
90 NC30 Duncan Micallef madvfr@onvol.net Malta
87 VFR400(NC24) Mark Lines mark@caz10.fsnet.co.uk UK
85 VFR400(NC24) (OR title) T.C. Elliott elliott5chevyman@yahoo.com USA-OR
85 VFR400(NC24) Rothmans Racing Nathan Hunter nhunter420@gmail.com USA-MO
2004 VFR800 (non-ABS) Jason Haney haney007@bellsouth.net USA-AL
2004 VFR800 Mark Horton mhorton01@charter.net USA-IN
2002 VFR800 ABS Jeff Bartlett jeff.l.bartlett@ngc.com USA-CA
2002 VFR800 Craig Hoffman choffmancycle@yahoo.com USA-NV
2002 VFR800 London Pickering Londonsworld@aol.com USA-CA
2002 VFR800 (non-ABS) John Przychodzen www.jjpry@cox.net USA-CT
2002 VFR800 (non-ABS) Phil Smith jakeps@tampabay.rr.com USA-FL
2002 VFR800 Hank Thye hthye@earthlink.net USA-TX
2000 VFR800 Jason Elliott ell30x@yahoo.com USA-CA
2000 VFR800 Lee Gwin Lgwin377@earthlink.net USA-AZ
2000 VFR800 Bill Hubacek blankcek@comcast.net USA-CA
2000 VFR800 (green) Avery Inkster avery@bhd.ca Canada-AB
2000 VFR800 (50th anniv. ed.) Andrew Johnston andrew@autoradio.co.za South Africa
2000 VFR800 Shayne Loney s.loney@rogers.com Canada-ON
2000 VFR800 Ian Mason mason@futureway.com Canada-ON
2000 VFR800 Andrew Zelman Andrew@dmcsystems.com USA-MA
99 VFR800 (yellow) Dave Baker dbaker600@hotmail.com UK-England
99 VFR800 Steve Bills slbills@aol.com USA-CO
99 VFR800 (with underseat exhaust) Paul Bridgland pab@pab.co.uk UK
99 VFR800 Tim Brouillette tsvfr@earthlink.net USA-LA
99 VFR800 Bennett Carey kensei@lightspeed.net USA-CA
99 VFR800 Ben Dann vfrseller@yahoo.com USA-NY
99 VFR800 Bob Domenz bdomenz@avenue-inc.com USA-IL
99 VFR800 Paul Kennedy pkennedy@enter.net USA-PA
99 VFR800 Jonathan Krish jon_krish@yahoo.com Canada-ON
99 VFR800 Jae Kwak jaentami@adelphia.net USA-CA
99 VFR800 Jeff Wehr jawehr@msn.com USA-TX
99 VFR800 Joe Ziedonis joejohnziedonis@yahoo.com USA-WI
98 VFR800 Tony Christian tonychristian@sbcglobal.net USA-CA
98 VFR800 Bob Cooper not2oldnfat@yahoo.com USA-LA
98 VFR800 George Giannopoulos georgianno@hotmail.com Greece
98 VFR800 Kurt Gibson k_gibson@mindspring.com US-MO
98 VFR800 Ken Goddard Kgsouthcom@aol.com England
98 VFR800 Ric Goetz northernites@ev1.net USA-TX
98 VFR800 Brian Helfrich bhelf1271@hotmail.com USA-NJ
98 VFR800 Wei Liou vrliou@aol.com USA-NY
98 VFR800 Luke Lokowich lokobuff@aol.com USA-LA
98 VFR800 Michael Martin 2slo2go@msn.com USA-AR
98 VFR800 Dennis Natale dnatale@cox.net USA-RI
98 VFR800 Dave Olson olson856@bellsouth.net USA-FL
98 VFR800 (gold wheels) Greg Raleigh grawley@yahoo.com USA-CA
98 VFR800 Lee Shirley LtFuzz33@yahoo.com USA-TX
98 VFR800 (salvage/repaired title) Ken VanderBurg giftedgoldwinger@yahoo.com Canada-AL
97 VFR750 Byron Anderson b.anderson.09@hotmail.com USA-TN
97 VFR750 Brad G. Beshaw bradb@i-2000.com USA-NY
97 VFR750 Jason Duncan evotwn@hotmail.com USA-TX
97 VFR750 John Hardin nenayjuan@earthlink.net USA-CA
97 VFR750 Craig Kiger kiger@tk7.net USA-IN
97 VFR750 John Kirsch JDK812@aol.com USA-NY
97 VFR750 Paul Kuta greif8@mindspring.com USA-IL
97 VFR750 Robert Maxson uptick96@aol.com USA-OH
97 VFR750 Jim Mastrokalos Mastroj1@aol.com USA-NJ
97 VFR750 Chad McCray chadcarm@one-eleven.net USA-IL
97 VFR750 Kevin Needham needham@post.com UK
97 VFR750 Mike Peterson MJKNPETER@aol.com USA-WI
97 VFR750 Dave Plymale hondarider@alltel.net USA-AR
97 VFR750 Frank Reboucas reboucas@bellsouth.net USA-FL
97 VFR750 Jerry Sesco kps1@kymtnnet.org USA-KY
97 VFR750 John Trepl Fordguy0915@aol.com USA-FL
97 VFR750 Matthew Wardle mwardle@dtindustries.com USA-MO
97 VFR750 Sonny Weiss spoons1@earthlink.net USA-NV
97 VFR750 Jay Wills jaywills@earthlink.net USA-AR
96 VFR750F John Allen johneallen3@aol.com USA-MD
96 VFR750 Steve Barrington BarrSJ@msn.com USA-CA
96 VFR750 Craig Bordlemay doc7@starband.net USA-IN
96 VFR750 John Bredin ARTWAVEJB@aol.com USA-FL
96 VFR750 Kevin Budd kbudd@nerinxhs.org USA-MO
96 VFR750 Lonny Burton Anabelle13@aol.com USA-UT
96 VFR750 Jeff Dale wejav@earthlink.net USA-CA
96 VFR750 Eric Disharoon edisharo@ae.jhu.edu USA-MD
96 VFR750 Eros Dweik b_dweik@yahoo.com USA-MA
96 VFR750 Kirk Evans kevansdc@comcast.com USA-NJ/PA
96 VFR750 Tony Grubbs tonynlou@peoplepc.com USA-TN
96 VFR750 Tyson Hoyman Tyson.Hoyman@gmail.com US-FL
96 VFR750 Tim Kamholz TKamholz@raychem.com USA-CA
96 VFR750 Austin Latka latkachief@hotmail.com USA-WI
96 VFR750 Todd Mauer Todd@mauer.com USA-IL
96 VFR750 Dave Moore beartreasure53@aol.com USA-TX
96 VFR750 Magnus Rosenberg magnus@xmission.com USA-UT
96 VFR750 Clark Sewell csewell@houston.rr.com USA-TX
96 VFR750 Duncan Stewart duncans@tesco.net UK (London)
96 VFR750 Bill Swindle V4Pilot@aol.com USA-IL
96 VFR750 James Tobin andynshannon@sbcglobal.net USA-TX
96 VFR750 Dan Weinreber dweinreber@aol.com USA-CA
95 VFR750 Richard Bess Bad_Cavy@yahoo.com USA-OH
95 VFR750 Donna Bird Shadowtex@aol.com USA-TX
95 VFR750 Alex Durbala scbydoob@home.com USA-CA
95 VFR750 Justin Dyk justin@secondstoryprop.com USA-MI
95 VFR750 Daniel Fletcher fletcdj@ch.etn.com USA-PA
95 VFR750 Steve Garry gitane@interlynx.net Canada-ON
95 VFR750 Jeff Goldstein lion8888@excite.com USA-NY
95 VFR750 Mike Hannig mhannig@sbcglobal.net USA-OH
95 VFR750 Clint Herbert sbd1400@aol.com USA-IA
95 VFR750 Jeff Johnson pactrd@abac.com USA
95 VFR750 Phil Knudson PhilKnudson@hotmail.com USA-TX
95 VFR750 George Lin glin@techinter.com USA-TX
95 VFR750 Jason Love motoracer36rr@aol.com USA-MO
95 VFR750 Robert Lucas lucas1110@msn.com USA-IL
95 VFR750 Doug Mason scrumbles@msn.com USA-NJ
95 VFR750 Darek Milewski zboj1@aol.com USA-NJ
95 VFR750 Joe Mullikin krisjoemullikin@charter.net USA-WI
95 VFR750 Doug Petty dpaxle@aol.com USA-MN
95 VFR750 Mark Reckin markr@msrltd.com USA-MN
95 VFR750 Steven Secor steventsecor@cs.com USA-KY
95 VFR750 Brian Smith Grouser@rrnet.com USA-ND
95 VFR750 Chris Surdak csurdak@cortexlsi.com USA-CT
95 VFR750 (silver, salvage title) Kyle Tyra kandctyra@hotmail.com USA-CO
95 VFR750 Gregg Williams OggSkater@aol.com USA-NV
95 VFR750 Steve Zinkow szinkow@sbcglobal.net USA-CA
94 VFR750 Jason Buerger jacenmag@yahoo.com USA-TX
94 VFR750 (needs some fairing pieces) Glenn Cooper cgiancarlocoop@aol.com USA-GA
94 VFR750 Mike Fuller etohserver30@yahoo.com USA-UT
94 VFR750 Larry Hagen hagenlarry@hotmail.com USA-WI
94 VFR750 Jon Holland jonnoholland@aol.com UK-Wales
94 VFR750 James Miller tracymillermd@earthlink.net USA-MD
94 VFR750 James Neubauer james.neubauer@gmail.com USA-CA
94 VFR750 (frame with salv. title and motor) Craig Parrish kneedownrc51@aol.com USA-TN
94 VFR750 John Podlasek jpod10@me.com USA-IL
94 VFR750 Robert Sills sillsrr@cris.com USA-LA
94 VFR750 Greg Stoddard g.t.stoddard@verizon.net USA-CA
94 VFR750 Joel Van Heyst vanheyst@yahoo.com USA-UT
94 VFR750 Tom Walker lawjt@aol.com USA-IL
93 VFR750 John Schindel johnschindel@hoehnmotors.com USA-CA
93 VFR750 Peter Farrow peterwfarrow@yahoo.com USA-MD
93 VFR750 David Hartley david@holistiq.com USA-CA
93 VFR750 Britton Hoffman toomnytys@aol.com USA-NV
93 VFR750 Russ Kissel veedublove@hotmail.com USA-KY
93 VFR750 Verghese Kurian flyboykoch@yahoo.com Canada-ON
93 VFR750 Dave Mackie Harleydave74@yahoo.com USA-CA
93 VFR750 Jacob Nuttall Jake@rsparks.com USA-CA
93 VFR750 Michael Perez Mike1100@columbus.rr.com USA-OH
93 VFR750 Joe Stevenson jstevenson@ispkansas.com USA-KS
93 VFR750 Neil Tasker mark.foster8@virgin.net UK-England
93 VFR750 Wendell Zulauf, Jr wendelz@hotmail.com USA-IL
92 VFR750 John Back jback@charter.net USA-WI
92 VFR750 Andy Doehrmann andydoehrmann@hotmail.com USA-AZ
92 VFR750 Patrick Fischer patrickcbr@aol.com US-MA
92 VFR750 (red with white wheel trim) David Foulds david.foulds@virgin.net England
92 VFR750 Will Hung will.hung@aimad.com USA-CA
92 VFR750 Russ Hunsberger RHuns@aol.com USA-PA
92 VFR750 Mike McAllister Mike.McAllister@worldnet.att.net USA-PA
92 VFR750 Jason Meyers jdm0220@ksu.edu USA-KS
92 VFR750 Mark Damien Rowlands mdrowlands@ozemail.com.au Australia
92 VFR750 Matthew Wendel absolute0@sbcglobal.net USA-TX
92 VFR750 Tom Wierenga tscott@riverview.net USA-MI
91 VFR750 Francois Baril Francois.Baril@gowlings.com Canada-ON
91 VFR750 Michael Burr mtburr@galstar.com USA-OK
91 VFR750 Allan Clark ajclark@soho.ios.com USA-MD
91 VFR750 Jon Conti guyconti@bigfoot.com USA-NH
91 VFR750 Troy Curtis troy_curtis@modusmedia.com USA-UT
91 VFR750 Tad Goodwin tadgoodwin@austin.rr.com USA-TX
91 VFR750 Perry Leenders bbcguy@hotmail.com USA-MN
91 VFR750 Victor Muniz vic.gina.muniz@grandecom.net USA-TX
91 VFR750 Mitch Norfleet Docmitch@uswest.net USA-NE
91 VFR750 (needs fairings, has left-exit pipe) Manny Perez manny3111@yahoo.com USA-NY
91 VFR750 Richard Porta rporta@i-2000.com USA-NY
91 VFR750 Marty & Cathy Rodgers mcrodgers@mindspring.com USA-FL
91 VFR750 Thad Rombauer rombauer1@surfree.com USA-NJ
91 VFR750 Gilbert Santiesteban smoochiemom@cs.com USA-FL
91 VFR750 Chris Scheck cscheck@aol.com USA-NY
91 VFR750 Jerry Scott jerrys@xtn.net USA-TX
91 VFR750 (no plastic body work) Wallace Sparks WS6854@aol.com USA-NJ
91 VFR750 Ben Stefancic bensandy@pacbell.net USA-CA
91 VFR750 Paul Taffe pftaffe@ureach.com USA-FL
91 VFR750 Marc Ulin r1desertrider@aol.com USA-CO
91 VFR750 Will Van Cleef willvancleef@aol.com USA-MD
91 VFR750 Drew Vandergrift navdrew@san.rr.com USA-CA
91 VFR750 Richard Waltman rich.waltman@vennermedia.com USA-NY
90 VFR750 Steve Batts stephen_batts@camcable.co.uk UK
90 VFR750

(polished frame/forks, needs plastic)

Kelly Christ biker@worldnet.att.net USA-LA
90 VFR750 Michael DeLucia drspine100@aol.com US-CT
90 VFR750 John Esher, Jr john_e_law@netreach.net USA
90 VFR750 Byron Houston Cordelle_74@hotmail.com US-CA
90 VFR750 Chris Lapointe Clapointe@shaw.ca Canada-AB
90 VFR750 Chip Larkby clarkby@vfrtech.com USA-IL
90 VFR750 George Nichols Cobrathree@aol.com USA-MI
90 VFR750 Rob Williams hondarob@yahoo.com US-CA
90 VFR750 Michael Weber mweber@wcinet.com US-WI
90 VFR750 Antony Wright antony72@btinternet.com UK-England
88 VFR750 Moz Parker mozpark@yahoo.com Australia
87 VFR700F2 (serial #1) Greg Carpenter grgcrp@aol.com USA-CA
87 VFR750F Fulvio Cecconi fulvio.cecconi@mclink.it Italy
87 VFR750F William Lariviere william.lariviere@elf.mcgill.ca Italy
87 VFR700F2 (track prepped) David Lee david@bassmaxx.com USA-TX
87 VFR700F Frank Lezo franklezo@netzero.net USA-CA
87 VFR700F2 Joel Sigala rambosigala@aol.com USA-CA
86 VF1000R Mick Maag durabell@neo.rr.com US-OH
86 VF1000R Mike Woods Skywlkr696@aol.com US-PA
86 VFR700F James Bedard lockedbydetroit@yahoo.com USA-NV
86 VFR700F Brian Cain heartcutr@aol.com USA-CA
86 VFR750 Carolina Compton pfsmaster@earthlink.net USA-NV
86 VFR750 Trent Derouen trent_dero@yahoo.com USA-TX
86 VFR750 Paul Dewey pdewey53@hotmail.com Canada-BC
86 VFR700F John Drees johndrees@home.com USA-CA
86 VFR750 Will Hampton willgoulet@yahoo.com US-ID
86 VFR750 Brian Hartman bhartman@automationsolutions.com US-IN
86 VFR750 Brian Jahn puckoff99@hotmail.com US-FL
86 VFR750 John Jeritza jjeritza1@earthlink.net US-TX
86 VFR750 Sean Kelly skelly@quik.com US-IN
86 VFR750F Doug Novak dnovak@dkes.com USA-CA
86 VFR750 Chris Pachman VaqeroWero@aol.com US-CA
86 VFR750F (red/white/blue) (never titled or registered) Allan Pagan pagan@intcomm.net US-TX
86 VFR750F Karl Raue Karl.raue@us.army.mil USA-OK
86 VFR750F Robert Shannon forpetesaketuna@yahoo.com USA-CA
86 VFR750 (cosmetic damaged front-end) Joshua Schwartz schwizza@yahoo.com US-PA
86 VFR750 Brent Strong strongjunke@q.com USA-UT
86 VFR750 Eric Toolson toolson@unm.edu USA-NM
86 VFR750 (damaged front-end) Dick Vincent vincent98@juno.com US-CA
86 VFR750 Bill Wilkinson Wwwou812@aol.com US-TX
85 VF1000R Doug Crumley d.crumleyjr@attbi.com US-CA
85 VF1000R J.D. DeFreze JD56@aol.com US-NY
85 VF1000R Bob Hurvitz bhurvitz@home.com US-CT
85 VF1000R Francis Pawelek barb@intcomm.net US-TX
85 VF1000R Hans Monod cyberwealth@msn.com US-CA
85 VF700 (needs cosmetic work) Kevin Clinton Oxbr@aol.com US-MA
85 VF700F Scott Grodberg monk301@gmail.com US-NJ
85 VF750 Tim Reynolds DRUGGREPP@cs.com US-TX
84 VF1000F Carlos DaSilva carlos1152@aol.com US-CT
84 VF1000F David Fitzcharles david.w.fitzcharles.jr@ds-s.com US-OH
84 VF750 Peter Boyle boyl4732@students.rowan.edu USA-NJ
84 VF750F (parts bike) Dan Christina dchristina@charter.net USA-WA
84 VF750 Patrick Coulter grimjeeper@earthlink.net USA-CA
84 VF750 Matthew Wall matthew.wall@nokia.com USA-TX
84 VF750 Jack Wimer Jack.Wimer@compuware.com USA-KS
83 VFR750 Jon Caron jon_caron@hotmail.com USA-OH
83 VFR750 (parts bike) Jake Geller bgeller@zoo.uvm.edu USA-VT
83 VFR750 (just refurbished) Karl Hopkins karltaylorhopkins@hotmail.com UK
83 VFR750 (red/white with rack) Matthew Mattson mnmattson@yahoo.com USA-CA
83 VFR750 James Wright jwright@v-wave.com Canada-AB
83 VFR750 Josh Wright lizardbait@softhome.net USA-NV
83 VFR750 Steve Zellers JDZ1023@aol.com USA-PA