VFR Questions


Hello. I hope you like this web site. I run it just for fun as a public service. Most of the site information was put together by Ricardo Menendez, who turned over the VFR home page site to me. I also run the VFR e-mail list, which I started toward the end of 1994.

Although I do maintain this web site, it is probably missing information. If you care to contribute something, please drop me a note.

I do not have the answer to every question you have about these fine motorcycles. I suggest you browse this website first, as well as the VFR list archives, which is has a search engine with it, to see what other people have said about your topic. You can also subscribe to the VFR list and ask the question yourself.

For information about joining the VFR Mailing List, simply go to the VFR Mailing List page. Please utilize the VFR Mailing List archives before posting to the list, though.

Another good reason to ask the members of the Mailing List any questions you might have is that many of them are real VFR experts who know much more about VFRs and other motorcycles than I do.

Having said all that I want to emphasize that comments, questions, suggestions, and constructive criticism about this web site are always welcomed. I also enjoy hearing from people from around the world who want to say "hi" and or "thanks".

John Perkins