1984-86 Honda VF500F
Max. HP
66 @ 11,500 RPM
4.2 kg*m @ 10,500 RPM
Bore and Stroke
60.0 x 44.0 mm
2.36 x 1.73 in
2070 mm (81.5 in) (L)
760 mm (29.9 in) (W)
1175 mm (46.3 in) (H)
1420 mm (55.9 in)
Dry Weight
184 kg (406 lb)
Curb Weight
201 kg (443 lb)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$2898 US

'86 VF500


The "Miniceptor" as it is affectionately called ran basically unchanged (except for graphics) until replaced by the CBR600 Hurricane in '87. Like the original '83 VFR750, it sported a 16" front wheel, 18" rear wheel, silver alloy painted Steel Perimeter (Twin Spar) frame (Similar to GSXR or Honda NS500 frame), Single rear shock w/ 2 sided Alloy swingarm, 1/2 upper fairing with chin or belly fairing, chain driven cams, 4/2 exhaust.

A great little bike, it begged to be ridden hard. You did not "feel" fast on this bike then you would look down at the speedometer and either impress/scare yourself at your corner speeds.

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