1987 Honda VFR700F2
Max. HP
76.03 BHP @ 11,000 RPM
42.06 ft-lb @ 7500 RPM
2120 mm (83.5 in) (L)
730 mm (28.7 in) (W)
1170 mm (46.1 in)(H)
1480 mm (58.3 in)
Dry Weight
198 kg (436 lb)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$4498 US
White '87 VFR750F

1987 white with gold model

White '87 VFR750F

1986 model


Mechanically the same as the standard "F" model. The F2 spec received square gauges, an all black engine and less "Ricky Racer " graphics. It sported reworked fork internals and a better rear shock than the '86 VFR750 or the "standard" '87 VFR700. Colors were metallic blue with silver/pewter wheels and stripes or a pearl white w/gold accents.

Note: There seems to be some confusion about the F2. Some say the F2 was the blue with silver graphics & wheels, the pearl white was an F1. Both the blue and white and the perl white models were badged as an F2.

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