1998-2001 Honda VFR800F
Max. HP
108 hp @ 10,500 RPM
61 ft*lb @ 8500 RPM
Bore and Stroke
72 mm x 48 mm
Compression Ratio
11.6 : 1
Engine Displacement
781 cc
210 cm (82.7 in) (L)
73.5 cm (28.9 in) (W)
119 cm (46.9 in) (H)
1440 mm (56.7 in)
Seat Height
805 mm (31.7 in)
Dry Weight
208 kg (458.6 lb)
210 kg (463 lb) (Calif. model)
Front Wheel
Rear wheel
List Price (new)
$9499-9999 US
'98 VFR800FI picture


This is a complete rework of the VFR, of which rumors have been flying around for several years now. Originally anticipated to be an 850cc V-four powered bike, it turned out to be a 781cc fuel-injected V-four instead.

Honda boasts many different technologies "never before used on a Honda production motorcycle", such as

  • Engine components:
    1. High-pressure-formed aluminum/ceramic/graphite composite cylinder sleeves: lighter than steel sleeves, better wear resistance and heat dissipation qualities
    2. Precision programmed eletronic fuel injection
    3. Electronic control unit to meter fuel delivery and ignition control on each cylinder
  • Chassis: Pro ArmTM single-sided cast aluminum swingarm is now mounted to the engine. Honda claims it provides better rear-wheel accessibility with more torsional rigidity.
  • Other components: Instrument cluster is lighter and thinner than what was used on older models. Tachometer and speedometer are electronic with LCD displays for coolant temp., odometer, two tripmeters and the clock.
For more information, check out the dealer spec sheet for the 1998 VFR800.

Further refinements 1998 and 1999 models were nearly identical. Newer models had some improvements:

  • 2000+ models lost rubber mirror stalk boots in favor of an all-metal painted mirror stalk design
  • Fast-idle lever disappeared starting year 2000 (needed in cooler weather on 1998/1999 models).

Color options Although other countries (Canada at least, maybe Europe, too) were able to get silver and yellow models, only red was available in the US for 1998 and 1999 model years. Honda changed the US color offering to yellow for 2000, then back to red for 2001.

Other pictures, from Honda's dealer literature:

Side view Tail section Front view Chassis-cutaway shot

Power curve characteristics (from MotoJournal (Quebec)): Power curve characteristics


Other pictures:

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