VFR Club

International VFR Owners Club

The International VFR Owners Club is run by Peter Thriscutt from the UK. The club currently has over 500 members from around the world. Club membership costs US$30 per year, and that gets you 6 newsletters per year (one every other month for any mathematically challenged folks out there) called the VEE Four Review, an ID card, decals, and discounts from various aftermarket product suppliers.

To join, send an email to Peter Thriscutt (peter@vfroc.demon.co.uk).

Please note that I (John Perkins) neither created, nor run the International VFR Owners Club. If you have any more questions about it I encourage you to ask Peter.

The copy of the VEE Four Review that I was sent was chock full of interesting information and tidbits about the VFR. I found pictures, information about upcoming rallies, classified ads, information on member's discounts for aftermarket parts, maintenance tips, letters to the editor, and advertisements from some aftermarket companies. I was especially interested in a German company that provides RC45-type fairings for the 94+ VFR! Funny caricatures of VFR riders add a nice touch too.