CS 110 - Section's 11/12 and 17/18 Late Day Policy   

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The official late policy for CS 110 is that all assignments are due by midnight of the day assigned. Any and all failure (excluding emergencies) to meet any deadline will not be excused, an unsatisfactory grade of 0 will be assigned and credit in the course will no longer be possible. (This is all explained on the main home page).

This policy will be strongly adhered to in Sections 12 and 18 with the following exception. Each student is allowed one "late day" to be used on any of the three programming assignments. A "late day" actually means that the assigment must be completed by midnight of the next class meeting. So, the "late day" deadline for Program 1 is 4/6, for Program 2 is 4/20 and for Program 3 the "late day" deadline is 5/6.

To determine whether assignments were submitted for the real, or "late day", deadline, an electronic signature will be made of the handin directory at the "late day" deadline. All assignments whose electronic time-stamp is subsequent to the real deadline will be considered "late day" submissions.

Remember that you are allowed to use only one "late day" throughout the course of the class. So, if you use it for Program 1, you will not be allowed to use it for Program 2. Note that any student who attempts to submit a second assignment using the "late day" policy will be assigned an unsatisfactory grade of 0 on that second assignment.

Please speak to your instructor prior to the real deadline if you have any questions about this policy.
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