Hocky to Basketball

  1. Dasher Removal

  2. The entire crew will be divided into 6 groups at the start of the conversion. One group will work on each of the four corners of the arena, one group will work on the penalty and players boxes and the last and largest group will work on installing the Polar Floor. Each group must have at least one crew leader. The carts for the dasher boards can be found in Event Storage. The groups working on dasher board removal will also remove hockey glass while in the corners or in the penalty/players box areas. The glass carts are also located in Event Storage and are labeled and color-coded as to which arena corner they are to be used for.
    Figure 1.Glass cart.
    Figure 2.Dasher board cart.

  3. Polar Floor Installation

  4. The Polar Floor carts are located in the undeveloped area behind Event Storage. It is easiest to wheel the carts in the arena via the southeast corner. The specially cut pieces of Polar Floor that fit along the curved dasher boards in the corners of the rink are located on pallets in event storage. There are also cut pieces of Polar Floor that fit along the west edge of the ice, which are also on pallets in Event Storage. The special pieces MUST be in place before the regular (4’x4’) square pieces of polar floor can be put on the ice. The Polar Floor group will then begin unloading the carts and spreading the pieces out on the ice so that they can cool slightly before being put into place. If the pieces are cooled and the group puts them in place along a straight east-west line as they move from the north end of the rink to the south, the Polar Floor is installed with the least amount of difficulty. See diagram for clarification. The players and penalty boxes’ flooring will need to be forklifted out of the arena. (still need picture of polar floor cart and diagram showing proper and improper installation technique.)

  5. Risers

  6. The A, B and C risers can all be brought into the bowl once the polar floor is all down. The A risers require at least 8 students to roll them into place, while the B and C risers require only 4 students. See diagram for locations of each riser. The risers need to be forklifted off of their wheeled carts and the students must return the carts to Event Storage. Once the risers are in place, the crew leaders will take their groups to work on installing the basketball court or to finish installing the risers with red chairs and railings.
    Figure 3.“A” riser.(still need picture of B and C risers and diagram of where in the arena they are and where risers get stored.)

  7. Basketball Installation

  8. Students working on basketball court must be in groups of 4 with one member being a crew leader. Never leave this group until the entire court is in place. If you must leave your group of 4, notify your crew leader before you leave so he/she can replace you with another student. Follow the crew leader’s instructions for proper court installation technique. When done properly, the court sustains minimal damage (chipped wood, scratches, etc.), the students exert minimal effort and the court is laid in minimal time. When the basketball court carts are emptied they can be placed in the corridor behind Event Storage. Note: DO NOT block the fire extinguisher along the wall in that corridor. The cardboard pieces (that separate each court piece on the full carts) can be placed onto one empty cart as the court is being laid.
    Figure 4.Cardboard cart. (still need picture of full b-ball floor cart and corridor in which they are stored.)

  9. Risers/Chairs/Railings

  10. The blue carts with black rubber pieces are found in Event Storage. In these carts are the implements needed to pull out the risers to their final positions in the bowl. Once they are pulled out, place the black rubber pieces into the gaps between any two neighboring risers. See diagram. The carts with red chairs and railings are both found in Event Storage. The majority of the entire crew should work on this. The only people that won’t be doing this are the crew leaders that are installing the basketball hoops and the crew of 4-6 (one of which is a crew leader) that will be installing the press row and scorer’s tables. Each row on the risers is numbered according to how many red chairs belong in that row. Once that number is reached, those chairs should be hooked to one another.
    Figure 5. Blue cart, insert and riser tool. (still need picture of a hoop, scorer’s tables, the players’ bench/seats, and maybe a final picture of the empty basketball arena.)