Junaid Khalid

[first_name] [at] cs [dot] wisc [dot] edu
I am a Ph.D. student in the Wisconsin Institute on Software-Defined Data Centers (WISDOM) in the Department of Computer Sciences at the UW - Madison. My advisor is Aditya Akella. I work in networks and systems research. Recently my work has been focused on NFVs


Conference and Workshop Papers

  • Correctness and Performance for Stateful Chained Network Functions [pdf]
    Junaid Khalid and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2019
  • Iron: Isolating Network-based CPU in Container Environments [pdf]
    Junaid Khalid, Eric Rozner, Wesley Felter, Cong Xu, Karthick Rajamani, Alexandre Ferreira and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2018
  • Paving the Way for NFV: Simplifying Middlebox Modifications using StateAlyzr [pdf]
    Junaid Khalid, Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Roney Michael, Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar and Aditya Akella
    NSDI 2016
  • A Standardized Southbound API for VNF Management [pdf]
    Junaid Khalid, Mark Coatsworth, Aaron Gember-Jacobson and Aditya Akella
    HotMiddlebox 2016
  • Measuring Control Plane Latency in SDN-enabled Switches [pdf]
    Keqiang He, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, Aditya Akella, Li Erran Li and Marina Thottan.
    SOSR 2015
  • OpenNF: Enabling Innovation in Network Function Control [pdf]
    Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Raajay Vishwanathan, Chaithan Prakash, Robert Grandl, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, and Aditya Akella
    SIGCOMM 2014
  • Revisiting Traffic Anomaly Detection using Software Defined Networking [pdf] [code]
    Syed Akbar Mehdi, Junaid Khalid, and Syed Ali Khayam
    RAID 2011

Posters and Demos

  • Improving the performance of SPDY for mobile devices [pdf] Best poster award
    Junaid Khalid, Sharad Aggarwal, Aditya Akella and Jitu Padhye.
    Hotmobile 2015.
  • Latency in Software Defined Networks: Measurements and Mitigation Techniques [pdf]
    Keqiang He, Junaid Khalid, Sourav Das, Aditya Akella, Li Erran Li and Marina Thottan.
    Sigmetrics 2015 (extended abstract).
  • Design and Implementation of a Framework for Software-Defined Middlebox Networking [pdf][poster]
    Aaron Gember, Robert Grandl, Junaid Khalid and Aditya Akella
    SIGCOMM 2013.