Science Clubs

Your chance to study what you are interested in.

Science clubs, and clubs in general offer many unique opportunities. Participation in clubs gives the feeling that you belong and that what you are doing matters. Clubs tend to be more relaxed than classes so they allow for better discussion and question answering. Finally, clubs are usually made up of students from a variety of grades, providing for an opportunity for mentoring. It is this type of environment that is truly needed for young women to stay interested in math and science.

The promotion of math, science, and computer clubs strictly for girls would be ideal. Not only is this an intellectual outlet, but a social one as well. By isolating the club, or a group with in the club, to be girls-only you are also cutting down the intimidation of science. This "I am not smart enough," intimidation is rooted in the perception that boys are better in math and science just because they tend to dominate class discussion. In actuality boys are just more aggressive, whether by socialization or nature, so they tend to speak up first. Is the person who tries to answer the most questions in class the brightest? Not necessarily.

If your school doesnšt already have science clubs, go the extra mile and start one! All you need is an interested teacher to serve as an advisor, and youšre on your way. Check into existing clubs as well, such as Investment Club, Computer Science Club, etc. Promote your interests, and members will follow!

Also get involved in state and regional science competition like:
Science Olympiad
Future Problem Solvers
Science 2000

Most large universities also offer some College for Kids style opportunities for students interested in expanding their horizons. Talk to your science, math, and technology teachers for ideas. Try your guidance counselors too!!

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