Interested in exploring current womenıs issues and making the link to on-line services? Interested in consulting various references to increase your awareness of professions and educational opportunities?

Womenıs Wire Bulletin Board: 1-800-210-9999
Subscribers: 1,500; 90% female
Monthly Fee: $15 - includes two hours; then $2.50-$7.00/hr.
depending on long distance rates. Discounts available for non-profit organizations
and groups of 10 or more.
Features: A service by and for women. Many organizations, such as the National Association of Women Business Owners and the National Education Center for Women in Business, provide information. Ongoing discussion forums on many subjects, including careers and investing. Live chats are popular, and there is free on-line training and support.

New Moon Magazine
PO box 3587
Duluth, MN 55803
Gives girls from 8 to 14 a stream of positive female images and role models in areas like sports and science.

The Difference: Growing Up Female in America, by Judy Mann. Warner Books, Inc.; New York. 1994.

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