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Maze Navigating Robot

Session 1- Assembling Your Robot
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Platform Assembly  

In session 1, you will assemble your robot. Use the Platform Assembly video to aid you in your assembly process.

Session 2-Wiring
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Wiring the Assembled PlatformMotor Shield Diagram 
 Wiring your Infrared Sensor 

In session 2, you will complete the wiring of your robot. The video will show you how to wire your motors to the motor shield, and the Text File will explain how to wire the IR sensor to the motor shield.

Session 3-Getting the Robot Moving
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Simple Move Tutorial Simple Move

In session 3, now that your robot is completely assembled and wired up, its time to get it moving. You will start with getting to just move forward in a straight line without incorporating the sensor, then experiment around with changing the pin values to make it execute different maneuvers.

HighHighHighHighThis will make the Robot move forward
HighHighLowLowThis will make the Robot move backwards
HighHighLowHighThis will make the Robot spin Clockwise
HighHighHighLowThis will make the Robot spin counter-clockwise
HighLowHighHigh or LowThis will make the Robot turn Left
HighLowLowHigh or LowThis will make the Robot back up to the Left
LowHighHigh or LowHighThis will make the Robot turn Right
LowHighHigh or LowLowThis will make the Robot back up to the Right
LowLowHigh or LowHigh or LowThis will make the motors stop

Note: find more information about PWM speed control here
Find more information about AnalogWrite here

Session 4-Getting the IR Sensor Working
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Simple Sensor Tutorial Simple Sensor

In session 4, you will implement the sensor to be able to read the difference between black and white/reflective surfaces. It will display the sensor number on the serial monitor if it is sensing nothing or if it is sensing a black surface.

Session 5-Following a Line
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Following a Line Tutorial Following a Line

In session 5, you will get the IR sensor and the motors to work together in a program that follows a line and then stops when it doesn't sense a line to follow anymore. This program also implements some small corrections for slight veering.

Session 6-Maze Navigation
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Final Maze NavigationAchieving Full Maze Navigation 

In session 6, you will complete the implementation of a maze solving robot. Your robot should implement either the left-hand rule or the right-hand rule to ensure that you can solve any maze.

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