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!!Arduino Instructional Resources

This is the beginning of your journey towards making an Arduino device. You can click on the Demos link in the sidebar to see what your finished project will look like :-) All hardware will be provided by the instructor and you may keep it with you for the duration of the semester.

!!!!Getting Started with Arduino

Watch the video below to see step-by-step instructions on how to install the software, open a new sketch, and make a simple program work.\\

Download the Arduino software [[| here]]\\

Download the Blink code [[|here]]

Watch the Software Download Tutorial [[|here]].\\

Watch how to attach the Arduino to your computer [[|here]]\\

Watch an example of the Blink program [[|here]].\\

Watch the Blink Demonstration/Breadboard Demonstration [[|here]]

!!!!General information about the Arduino Language

The Arduino Language is a programming language based off of the C programming language. This is also very similar to Java programming for those of you that have taken CS302. I would suggest looking at the functions column of the reference page if you aren't familiar with this programming language. If you aren't familiar with any programming language, I would suggest looking at the whole page, but in particular, control structures, syntax, comparisons, boolean operators, data types, digital IO, and Analog IO sections. Some of the more basic syntax will be covered in the language tutorial below.

This is a tutorial on how to set up a basic Arduino program. It will walk you through the different steps of the code and what some of the basic syntax means. \\
[[|Language Tutorial]]

Find the Arduino Reference Page [[|here]].


!!!!Project specific pages
[[Obstacle/|Obstacle Avoidance Robot Project]]\\
[[Maze/ | Maze Navigating Robot]]\\
[[Tic/| Tic-Tac-Toe]]\\
[[Twitter/|Twitter Project]]\\
[[Guess/|Word Scramble]]\\
[[Pong/|Arduino Pong]]\\

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