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Session 1-Installing the LCD Screen and Downloading Libraries
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An Introduction to the Touchscreen Display  

TFT, Touchscreen, and Graphics Libraries
RF24Network Library
RF24 Library

In session 1, you will download all the libraries necessary for this project. You will also install the LCD touchscreen onto an Arduino board and run an example. When watching the tutorial, make sure you set it to HD 720p in full screen to follow along.

Session 2-Basic Graphics, Making a Board, and Making an X
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Displaying Custom Graphics on the Touchscreen Graphics

In session 2, you will learn some basic graphics techniques using the graphics library you downloaded in session 1. By the end of the session, you should be able to make a tic-tac-toe board and put an 'X' or an 'O' on the board.

Session 3-Getting the Touchscreen Working
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Pressure Activated Graphics Touchscreen

In session 3, you will learn how to use the touchscreen library to sense and store a pressure point on the screen. Then you will use this information to put a 'X' or a 'O' in the corresponding box.

Session 4-Getting the Transceiver Working
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Hello World TransmissionWiring the nRF24L01 radio transceiver 

In session 4, you will get the Transceiver to be able to communicate with the other Arduino board and have it print to the serial port!

Session 5-Sending and Receiving Data
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Transmitting Packets between Touchscreens Transceiver Board 1
  Transceiver Board 2
  Sending an 'X'
  Receiving an 'X'

In this session, you will combine the transceiver with the touchscreen to be able to touch the screen on one board and have an 'X' appear on both touchscreens.

Session 6-Completing the Interface and One Player Game
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 Interface/Making a Single Player Game 

In session 6, you will complete a graphical interface that allows the player to choose between a single player game or a two player game. Then you will implement the single player game by programing the computer to respond to moves that the player makes.

Session 7-Completing the Two Player Game
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Tic-Tac-Toe ExampleMaking a Two Player Game 

In session 7, you will complete the two player game by allowing communication through the radio transceiver. Then you must be able to display a message on both screens when the game is done and then go back to the interface.

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