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All homeworks must be done individually. You may discuss your assignments with others, but you must do and turn in your own work. Copying other students work will be considered academic misconduct for all students involved (both the copier and the copyee).

Assignments should be stapled and must include your name and email address. You will lose points if you don't follow this.

Assignments will be due in class on the due date. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, except under extreme non-academic circumstances discussed with the instructor at least one week before the assignment is due.

There will be a total of 8 homeworks spread through the semester as per the schedule below:

Date Assigned Due Solutions
September 04, Friday HW1
September 11, Friday HW 2 HW 1 HW 1
September 23, Wednesday HW 3 HW 2 HW 2
October 05, Monday HW 4 HW 3 HW 3
October 14, Wednesday HW 5 HW 4 HW 4
October 23, Friday HW 6 HW 5 HW 5
November 06, Friday HW 7 HW 6 HW 6
November 20, Friday HW 8 HW 7 HW 7
December 11, Friday -- HW8 HW 8
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