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  • Week 1: Watch and implement session 1 (platform assembly). Watch and read all information on session 2 and implement everything.
  • Week 2: Watch and implement session 3. You should get used to the maneuvers that the robot is capable of by understanding the table on the Instructional Arduino webpage.
  • Week 3: Watch and implement session 4. You should try the sensors by creating a code that will print the distance values on the serial monitor. This way, they can make sure everything is working and not lose any time later in the project.
  • Week 4: Watch and implement session 5
  • Week 5: Watch and implement session 6.
  • Week 6: Continue writing the code. You should be done with the project by now and should start debugging, i.e. see if the robot does not get stuck in a corner.
  • Week 7: Continue writing the code
  • Week 8: Continue writing the code

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