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Word Scramble

Session 1-Wiring the PS2Keyboard and Running the Examples
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Running the Simple Test ExampleKeyboard Wiring Schematic 

In session 1, you will connect the PS2Keyboard and then run the Simple Test example which will display any buttons pressed on the keyboard as characters on the serial monitor. Note: sometimes the colors of the PS2 Keyboard wires are not consistent. If the colors of your wires are different than that of the above document, do not fret, just try wiring your keyboard in different combinations until you get one that works. There should be green lights on the keyboard that will light up when the correct power and ground is connected.

Session 2-Wiring the LCD Display and Running Examples
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Introduction to the LCD DisplayWiring Schematic 

In session 2, you will connect the LCD display to the Arduino board. Then you will download the LCD library and run the graphics example.

Download the LCD library from the LCD Web Page.

Session 3-Getting a game working
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Completed Game ExampleCompleting the Word Scramble Game 

In session 3, you will complete the coding of the Word Scramble Game. You will combine the code from the two previous sessions to display strings on the screen and then implement the game play of the word scramble.

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